There's a world of untapped opportunities around you.

​Whether you are a Business or an Individual, Proksimi will help you connect and grow.

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About Proksimi

Proksimi - Hyperlocal. Lifestyle. Platform.


How far...? That's the first question that comes to your mind when you think about work, school, hospital, shopping, events and everything else.

Much of your life you spend on the road. And that has an impact on your heath, your family life, the environment as well as the society.

All that's about to change !!!

Proksimi helps you build your life around the proximity of where you live. It brings a curated set of information that is location-specific.


You are constantly on the move. As you keep moving, you want the information available to you to also be relevant to where you are any given time. Additionally, you love choosing the information you want to consume and hate being bombarded by marketing messages.

Easy Access to all that's happening around you is what you need - and we provide exactly that.

Proksimi provides all this on your smart phone. It brings the smart back into phones - and need we say you as well !!!

Who can use Proksimi?

Proksimi delivers the following Societal Value


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